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  • Our Certified Organic Cotton Tampons, Pads, and Pantyliners are made without pesticides, herbicides, dioxin, or fragrance. What's the difference between us and the others? Ingredients and Purpose.
    If you've looked at your average tampon box, you may have noticed that it lists "cotton and/or rayon" as the main ingredient. What is rayon really though? And what ingredients are not listed? 
    That's what we wanted to know.  Our search for answers led us to an industry left in the dark, but ready to evolve. We're here to help push it forward. JOLIE ORGANIC is a company by women and for women that offers safe, organic feminine hygiene products. For every box purchased, we donate a JOLIE Care Pack of organic pads to a girl or woman in need. 
    All our products are made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton, but it's especially important for tampons because...
    Most tampons on the market are made of rayon, a synthetic material that comes from wood pulp. Even tampons made from "100% natural cotton" are often grown with pesticides and herbicides, and they use chlorine in the bleaching process. Dioxin, a known carcinogen, is a byproduct of the chlorine bleach process.
    However, you won't find these ingredients listed on their boxes because it is not required by the FDA. 
    Because these products come in contact with one of the most absorbent and sensitive parts of your body, it's important that the ingredients don't contain harsh chemicals and potential toxins. To learn more about our products and materials used, visit our PRODUCTS page.
    Global Organic Textile Standard License #: GOTS 2016-002


    Choosing organic feminine hygiene products doesn’t just benefit you, it benefits our environment. Every year tons of feminine hygiene waste goes into our landfills and because most of it is made from entirely synthetic materials, that waste will be there 100 years from now.

    Organic materials won’t still be there in 100 years because organic is biodegradable, meaning that it will naturally decompose and go into the soil. We strive to use organic materials whenever possible in the design of our products.

    Make the change and become a conscious consumer today.